The East Coast USA Pageant is celebrating its 20th year! Join us on our 20th Anniversary Pageant tour in 2019! Coming to NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, PENNSYLVANIA, CONNECTICUT, MASSACHUSETTS, MARYLAND & VIRGINIA! We are registering contestants from across the East Coast to participate and there is no prior pageant experience necessary to participate. We invite you to come with your family and put our pageant to the test! You can expect a beautiful event, where every contestant takes home prizes and has fun! We have over decade and a half of experience in running pageants that are on time, award what we promise and tabulate accurate results. Each contestant is sent home with their score sheets immediately following the crowning ceremony. When you want the best you come to East Coast USA!

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The East Coast USA Pageant gives away over $150,000.00 annually in cash and prizes! When you attend one of our events you can expect a well-run competition and quality prizes. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, attention to detail and the experience of each individual contestant that walks across our stage. In addition we have a team dedicated to providing our contestants and winners with unique opportunities to get involved with their community, print modeling jobs, runway shows, acting careers, attend VIP concerts and so much more! Join our Fan Page on Facebook to keep up with all of the latest appearances and happenings.
The East Coast USA Pageant is for girls and women of all ages and is a fun family oriented event! For children 0-11 years old there is no make-up permitted. Please see our rules and guidelines. Contestants 12 years old and up may wear make-up. We offer a wide range of age divisions for children and adults.

You will not be one of hundreds in your age division when you come to the East Coast USA Pageant. We accept 12 contestants per age division at our preliminary pageants. Come to a pageant where everybody knows your name! We are a family run organization that keeps pageantry a family affair to celebrate!


We open up many opportunities for our contestants from getting involved with modeling, going on fantastic appearances and so much more. It is important to be aware that while other pageants may claim to do the same they are showing examples and photos of accomplishments that contestants made on their own and the pageant had no involvement in. When you see posts of accomplishments or appearances made by the East Coast USA Pageant you can be 100% assured that we had direct involvement in organizing the event or providing the connection for the job.


We recognize every contestants participation by giving them recognition onstage and awarding prizes as well as a beautiful rhinestone tiara to them at every pageant regardless of their placement. Just for trying their very best!

At East Coast USA you can expect a beautiful quality event that is affordable and where each contestant is treated like a queen!