The Bound By The Crown NY Fashion Week Runway Show

The Bound By The Crown NY Fashion Week Runway Show
By Carrie Berk, age 12
East Coast USA’s National Pre-Teen Talent Queen

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There’s nothing like New York Fashion Week to make a girl feel like a princess. And for me, the highlight of the 2015 season was The Bound By The Crown Runway Show Sept. 13 in the heart of the fashion district. My friends were all jealous that I got to go!

I picked out the perfect outfit to sit VIP front row: a cute black halter crop top and skirt ensemble accessorized with royal blue wedge sandals and a clutch. I knew the show would be very chic, so I had to look the part. I curled my hair and put on makeup—I even splurged on a mani. All week, I had the invite pinned to my bulletin board over my desk, and I was counting down the days.

When I first arrived at the venue, I felt a rush of excitement in the air. There were people already lined up to get in, clamoring to sneak a peek at the new collection. As I walked through the door, I was greeted by a pack of paparazzi. I felt like a star! They snapped my pic against the step and repeat and asked me to pose on the red carpet.

social mediaSusanna Barrett Paliotta and her adorable daughter Isabella greeted me—they are the stylish mom/daughter duo behind the BBTC designs, not to mention reality TV stars. “Have fun!” Ms. Barrett urged me. “Don’t forget to check out the VIP Gifting Suites upstairs. Gifting suites? I was so there! As I walked into the balcony area, there were several tables set up displaying everything from cute Joi Dolls which literally speak to kids with disabilities, to Herbal organic teas to sample. I was especially wowed by the Cicciabella booth: BBTC’s own line of sparkly shirts, bracelets and necklaces. I gathered a few to take home, as well as a pair of comfy Cowgirl Rider slippers. Maybe I’d even slip them on later to dance at the after party if my feet were hurting fro my heels.

I checked out the stunning jewelry from Naseera Wu, a handmade line from Venezuela that uses assorted gemstones and metals. Hmmm…maybe a cool pair of dangly earrings would go with my outfit? Finally, I scoped out the cool tees at Wear Your Label Conscious Clothing. How great would these graphic shirts be for school?

Once I got back downstairs, I found my name and a gift bag waiting on a front row seat. I settled in and started talking to my friend, model Booch O’Connell, who was also a VIP.

The event was standing room only, and when the announcer said the show was about to begin, a hush fell over the room. You could have heard a pin drop. We were all breathless with anticipation!

The opening of the show was in a word: AMAZING. The music really got the audience going. As we all turned our gaze to the beginning of the runway, a model came out in “swaggilicous” nerd glasses and a black and white check jumpsuit trimmed with neon yellow. The vivid color combo was a really exciting way to start the show and definitely got my attention. Next up: cool varsity jackets with the BBTC logo on the back and studded earmuffs. Coolness personified! I loved the energy each of the models had—sassy and sweet at the same time. We cheered and clapped for every look.

0002I loved the black and white suiting part of the collection—oh so chic with a Parisian feel to it. Each jacket or coat had incredible detail: white piping and delicate bows. Look after look paraded down the runway. The show was a mix of polished, sophisticated looks, that reminded me of Audrey Hepburn, mixed with cool collegiate and English countryside equestrian. What BBTC does best is make a little girl feel elegant and “upscale” but on her own terms. I love how the fabrics, from satin and boucle to sparkle-studded tanks and tees all feel rich. The cuts are very grown-up (gotta get me one of those elegant sheaths and matching coats!) yet the models never look like they’ve raided their moms’ closets. Everything fits impeccably and has a youthful edge and playfulness to it.

By far, my fave part of the show was the “Good vs. Evil” angel finale. Girls dressed as both innocent angels and dark angels took to the runway complete with black or white feathered wings. Some of the dresses were embellished with Swarovski crystal that danced in the light. It absolutely took my breath away!

11850447_10206968633641655_2545042726455402493_oMy friend Grace Germinder, East Coast USA Pageant’s National Ultimate Grand Supreme Queen, was one of the angels and told me she felt both beautiful and magical in her look. “Susanna can make every child and tween feel special everyday or for a special occasion. I love being a BBTC girl!” Another great moment: when the James Bond theme song started playing and two little boys wearing suits and sequin bow ties took to the stage to bust some moves.

Photo Sep 13, 8 35 03 PMThe overall feel of the show was electric. The music was the perfect match for each moment—I especially liked how during “Whip My Hair,” the model tossed her hair and messed it up. While each look was unique, there was cohesiveness to the collection; a sense of regal style mixed with kid-like joy. There was a clear contrast between the high fashion angelic girly girl and the tough rocker chic tomboy. But isn’t that the point? All kids are different and special in their own way. No matter what you’re style, you’re beautiful. And no one should have to fit into one mold.

The perfect ending to the day was the non-stop after party at The Strand Hotel organized by Yotme. I snuck upstairs to the roof to take in the incredible NYC skyline at night. Stacie Fitzgerald got the kids grooving on the dance floor, and no one wanted to go home—especially me. But I around 9 p.m., I finally had to say goodbye to all my friends. At least I could dream about my fabulous day and all I had seen and experienced.

Interview with National Director Lauren Handler:
East Coast USA National Queen’s in the Bound by the Crown New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Show include: Grace Germinder, Sophia Quintano, Jocelyn Delgado and Frankie Mansfield.

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