Grand Ballroom: All Onstage Competitions

Morristown Room: Dressing Room for Friday

Hanover Ballroom: Dressing Room on Saturday and Sunday

Gallery Room: Registration on Friday

National Queen’s Rehearsal’s

Friday: 4-5:45 pm: Hanover Ballroom

Saturday: 11 am Garden State Room (3rd Floor) & 4:00 pm Troy Hills/Whippany (3rd FL)

Sunday: 11:00 am Mt. Tabor/Parsippany Room (3rd Floor)

Friday, July 24th

4:00 pm-9:00 pm Registration – The Gallery Room

Dressing Room for Friday is the MORRISTOWN ROOM

Interviews: Hanover Ballroom

6:00 pm Contestants 0-3 yrs.

6:30 pm Tiny Miss Ages 4-5 yrs.

7:00 pm Mini Miss 6-7 yrs.

7:30 pm Little Miss 8-9 yrs.

8:00 pm Pre-Teen 10-11 yrs. and Jr. Miss 12-13 yrs.

8:30 pm Young Miss 14-16 yrs.

9:00 pm Teen Miss 17-19 yrs.

9:30 pm 20-28 yrs. and Ms. Divisions

Saturday, July 25th

Grand Ballroom: All Onstage Competitions

Hanover Ballroom: Dressing Room

Gallery Room: STAR GAZER

9:00 am Beauty Competition 0-12 months and 13-23 months

9:15 am Beauty Competition 2 yrs. and 3 yrs.

9:40 am Beauty Competition 4-5 yrs.

10:00 am Beauty Competition 6-7 yrs.

Optional events begin with the babies and progress to age 7 yrs. After completing each competition immediately change into your next event.

10:30 am Runway Competition 0-7 yrs.

11:15 am Fitness/Swimwear Competition 0-7 yrs.

12:00 pm Patriotic Competition 0-7 yrs.

Judges Lunch Break 12:45-1:15 pm

1:15 pm Beauty Competition 8-9 yrs.

2:00 pm Beauty Competition 10-11 yrs.

2:20 pm Beauty Competition 12-13 yrs.

2:35 pm Beauty Competition 14-16 yrs.

3:00 pm Beauty Competition 17-19 yrs.

3:20 pm Beauty Competition 20-28 yrs., and 29 yrs. +

Optional events begin with the 8 yrs. and progress. After completing each competition immediately change into your next event.

4:00 pm Runway Competition 8 yrs.+

5:00 pm Fitness/Swimwear Competition 8 yrs.+

6:00 pm Patriotic Competition 8 yrs.+

7:00-9:00 pm JOIN US! POLYNESIAN LUAU! Contestant and Family Party!

Outside Hotel Patio

Sunday, July 26th

9:00 am Talent Competition 5-7 yrs.

9:10 am Talent Competition 8-10 yrs.

10:00 am Talent Competition 11-13 yrs.

10:30 am Talent Competition 14-16 yrs.

10:50 am Talent Competition 17-19 yrs.

12:00 pm Mother and Daughter Competition

12:30 pm Father and Daughter Competition

2:00 pm Star Gazer Runway Show

3:00 pm Crowning Ceremony: GRAND BALLROOM

Contestants MUST COME DRESSED IN THEIR BEAUTY COMPETITION GOWN. There will be no “crowning” wear or dresses permitted. You must attend crowning in the dress you competed in. Each contestant will be checked on line for the parade of contestants and will be asked to change if they did not follow directions. They will line up in the hotel hallway at the back of the stage in number order. Thank you for your cooperation. New Royalty must stay for photographs immediately following the crowning ceremony.

The finale will conclude with the WORLD FAMOUS Ballroom Drop!

Score sheets will be available at the conclusion of the crowning ceremony for pick up. This will be the ONLY time they are available. You will not be able to have scores emailed or mailed to you. Please pick up your scores sheets at this time if you would like them. All newly crowned royalty must stay for photos to receive prize money. Thank you.