The East Coast USA National Finals was selected for MTV’s MADE candidate; Maeve Gallagher

The East Coast USA National Finals was selected for MTV’s MADE candidate; Maeve Gallagher of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to compete at this summer! Emmy Award winning series ‘MADE’ steps out of High School! ‘MADE #DreamBigger’ focuses on college students, college graduates, and young adults trying to make it in the real world. The series continues to give viewers first-hand accounts of personal transformations and expert guidance, but now the stakes are raised! ‘MADE’ characters are moving across the country and out of their parents’ home, starting their own businesses, and launching their careers, all while dealing with infant children, confronting domestic violence, and getting married.

The pageant and contestants were featured on the National television show as Maeve competed for the National title of Miss East Coast USA! Maeve was a pleasure to have as a contestant and did well in out National Competition! Taking home one of our National titles and multiple placements watch her episode to see her journey into pageantry. With a focus on domestic violence; Maeve won the hearts of our staff, audience and judges as she stood up for what she believed in, stayed true to herself and competed for the crown!

Episode Aired on November 3, 2012 and continues to re-air on MTV and MTV2!